Clinics and Training

Due to the untimely death of Barbara Windom and the impending sale of La Estancia Alegre, we are no longer offering breeding services,
clinics and training, or DVDs.  We are keeping the website up to honor her memory and to promote the sale of the ranch.
For more information feel free to contact Glenda Fletcher:

Roberto Quijandría

Master trainer Roberto Quijandría’s gentle touch and quiet confidence are the foundation for producing gentle, responsive horses. The hot-blooded Peruvians of La Estancia Alegre are known for their success in the show ring and on the rugged trails of New Mexico thanks to his patience and skill. Roberto grew up training horses in his native Peru, and since he arrived in the United States more than 35 years ago he’s worked with hundreds of horses to hone his craft. Whether it’s a complicated Peruvian reining pattern or a simple water crossing, Roberto brings out the best in a horse.  LEA takes a limited number of outside Peruvian Horses for Roberto to train from the end of October until March of the following year.

Please contact Roberto at:  505-901-2338 for further information

Mark Bolender

Mark Bolender is one of the most successful horsemen in America today. His unique style and particular insight into horse training creates astonishing results – often described as breathtaking. This is why Mark and the Mark Bolender™ brand have become synonymous with the new and exciting equine disciplines of Mountain Trail, Extreme Mountain Trail, and Trail Challenge. He is a National Champion and one of the most popular and sought-after trainers and clinicians in the country. To date, Mark’s accomplishments have made him THE recognized face of Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail.

Mark combines his vast experience as a horseman and trainer with a stimulating presentation style. As a former professional speaker, Mark entertains and informs his audience about these growing sports and his new method of horse training. He has written for, and been featured in, a number of national magazines and is the author of the popular book, “Bolender’s Guide to Mastering Mountain and Extreme Trail Riding”

The Rio Grande Peruvian Horse Club presents 2 clinics in 2017!
A Mark Bolender Clinic EXTREME TRAIL May 15-17, 2017
& Mark Bolender Clinic Advanced EXTREME TRAIL Clinic
May 19-21, 2017
An opportunity to learn new ways of being with your horse and to increase your
joys of riding in the show ring and on the trail!
Space is unlimited for auditing! Contact Barbara Windom &
get on the waiting list for one of these clinics!
Extreme Trail. A Mark Bolender Clinic
Learn with 3 time National Extreme Trail Grand Champion Mark Bollender


Roeliff Annon

Roeliff Annon doesn’t call himself a horse trainer. He sees himself as a guide or facilitator, helping horses and humans find true connection. Trained first in classical dressage, he was introduced to Ray Hunt more than twenty years ago, and Hunt’s principles have informed and guided him ever since. Widely known for his work with feral horses, Roeliff also raises Spanish Mustangs on his ranch in Corona, New Mexico. He works with all breeds of horses and all types of students, helping them learn to better communicate with each other.

Raised amidst New Mexico’s rich diversity of culture and natural beauty by a Native American father and a mother who was intrigued and inspired by the Spanish Barb and its influence in the Americas, Roeliff’s introduction to horses began with an integrative approach. He learned to understand and respect the values horses brought to humans, and became adept at observing and communicating with horses. By working with challenging horses, he became increasingly attuned to their needs—and to creating bonds of trust through respect and response. In fact his most important insights have come from working with horses brought to him after all other efforts had failed and folks had no one else to turn to. Over the course of three decades, he’s also learned how to help riders with far less experience discover the same connection with their mounts. Roeliff finds that connection through visualization and acting with clear intent—he creates a dynamic kinship by listening with the eyes and adjusting mentally and physically to fit the situation.


Have you ever felt like your horse is more focused on what other horses are doing than on you? Is your horse reactive to its surroundings in ways you don’t understand? Would you like to feel more connected to your horse? Then this weekend is for you. Roeliff Annon, revered for his ability to improve communications between horse and rider, is offering a two-day clinic at beautiful La Estancia Alegre in Alcalde to strengthen connection with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. Roeliff has a gift for bringing out the best in horses and riders, and builds confidence with a compassionate and positive style.

Whether you’re a serious competitor or a weekend warrior, this clinic is sure to improve the bond between you and your horse. We will work on the world-class extreme mountain trail course with numerous bridges and water crossings at the beautiful La Estancia Alegre as well as exercises in and out of the rings and round pens. Annon will also work individually with each rider as needed. For more information on Roeliff Annon go to:

A light breakfast and full lunch are included on both days and the fee is $500.00 with a deposit of $250 to hold your place. The deposit is refundable if you cancel before August 3, 2017. 

To sign up go to or call Clare Hertel at 505-670-3090 or Barbara Windom at 505-852-0444.

The clinic will be held at the historic La Estancia Alegre  in Alcalde, New Mexico, north of Santa Fe. Directions to the ranch are here:


  • Space is limited to 10 riders and horses
  • Clinic days run from 9am to 4:00pm
  • Lunch and a light breakfast are included
  • This clinic is recommended for non-gaited horses
  • Refunds are not available after  August 3rd unless we fill your space.
  • Horses can stay at the ranch for an additional fee: $20 a night for a pen and $35 for stalls
  • Helmets are required
  • Please ask us about overnight housing options for riders

Ginger Gaffney

Ginger Gaffney teaches from the intersection of natural and classical horsemanship. She has an excellent understanding of balance from her studies in both disciplines. Ginger keeps her horses content and willing to work in balance, using the engagement of the hindquarters to lift the forehand upward. Helping her horses use the ring of musculature that builds, over time, the natural athlete inherent in each and every horse.

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